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About us

Let us ask you a question. T-shirts, bracelets, shoes. Have you ever bought any of these online? The answer to that is probably yes. However, have you ever bought a pair of glasses online? Why not?

When we personally went shopping for glasses in stores, we noted three key issues. Time, Pressure, and Atmosphere. Our store experience innately felt rushed for time, with pressure from both the salespeople and our own surroundings to make an uninformed purchase. We wanted to change that feeling. We set out to create a better experience for eyewear shopping.

At Mono Eyewear, we believe that what inhibits people from shopping for glasses online is the inability to visualise how glasses will look on them. We hence created the “Home-Try-On” service. We deliver the glasses to your front door, and you can try on the glasses without the issues we found in stores. More importantly, you are then provided with time needed to make a truly informed choice.

In our modern society, we believe that glasses transitioned from being classified as a necessity to an everyday fashion accessory. We personally wear different glasses depending on the atmosphere, event, or even just the day of the week. However, what stops us, and we believe most people, form embracing such lifestyle, is that glasses are prohibitively expensive. How can we afford glasses that cost half our salary?

We hence started Mono Eyewear to solve all these issues. We want to provide a shopping experience that facilitates the modern-day, fashion conscious, glasses connoisseur. An experience that can only be created through our online offerings and our Home-Try-On service, while offering high-quality, trend-setting glasses at a price affordable to all from students to professionals. That is our goal at Mono Eyewear, and we hope that you will see our vision.